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We are committed to providing our customer with the highest standard of work, service and most realiable products



R&D centre of FN GROUP is dedicated to being a development partner for the clients. We aim to form a symbiotic relationship with our clients & become their thinking partners to find creative & innovative answer to engineering & technical requirements.

Reputation and the performance of FN GROUP is built on the foundation of its vast experience in design, engineering & technological developments. FN GROUP's constant growth has been characterized by it's in - house ideas and innovations.

We are trying to be as flexible as possible to serve our customer needs. Besides the standard product offering, we are willing to develop specifc solution for your unique application.

Our customer service, manufacturing and logistics teams work toghether to meet a variety of customer specific order release and scheduling systems.

Customer’s needs are our highest priorities.



​​#3 R&D


Our quality system ensure that our customer specifications and requirements are met in the manufacturing process.

Starting from raw material to manufacturing process and the final assembly, we implement the total quality management to ensure the product quality.



Our Engineers work with customers at design stage to study the application requirements and select the best solutions in order to meet the needs of the specific application.

Our flexibility and willingness to customize solutions help our customers achieve their applications performance goals and reduce cost.

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